Today’s Mobile Phones Industry is Really “Information Devices”

With the advent of digital and semiconductor technologies, the traditional mobile phones industry rapidly became the new, worldwide, high-tech “information devices” industry. This kind of industry which is characterized by rapid development cycles and highest frequency of changes.

Product life cycles in the Information Devices industry tend to be very short amid continuously declining prices. Products are focused more and more on personalization and diversification. Most consumers expect to access information at their fingertips, and to reap the comfort and convenience of diverse lifestyles through integration with information devices.

As a classic labor-intensive industry, product competitiveness is severely impacted by factors such as labor costs, productivity and energy consumption. Thus, the industry has trended towards automation and intellectualization.

New information appliances appeal to light weight factors, usually requiring thin-walled and high precision manufacturing. When selecting plastic injection molding machines, consider repeatability, precision, injection speed and cycle time as mission-critical measures.

The new SPEED series is just the right product — high repeatability, high precision, high injection speed, short cycle time, superior energy saving and low noise. It’s particularly suitable for high-speed and thin-walled production.

Advanced servo-drive technology is tender on the environment, sips energy, and high-precision.

Rock-solid stability and repeatability. High-quality parts day-in, day-out. No rejects. No lost sleep.

Instant technical support around the globe gets you back up and running, so you sleep better.

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